Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mad on Mud Club

George and his yellow buggy joined the Club today, activity for last Sunday, busy times!
Club BBQ is Sunday 30th March at 1300 hopefully on the hill, if not in the grass field adjacent. As usual I will do rolls with sausages and burgers etc but please bring your own drinks, could you also let me know if you are attending and bringing a guest so that I have some idea of numbers.
Last year it was so windy I could hardly get the BBQ alight!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring at last?

Cracking day of sunshine today and warm!
Activity this week has been hedge planting on the access road and preparing the ground to move reception across the public road way from the houses. I have also been clearing some old tree stumps out of the wooded east section to make it a bit more usable and the Police have been back training on site again for the first time this year. French group coming in the morning tomorrow with 4 Land Rovers before going on to Murrayfield. It's all go!!!