Monday, July 30, 2012

Mad on Mud Club BBQ

July 2012 BBQ
2 x Woody
We had a good turn out for the Summer BBQ and at last we had a sunny day although with the strong wind we had to take shelter in the quarry to get the bbq to stay alight. Alan Stewart kindly provided the burgers and rolls and I had to provide a glass of wine for him!! Amazingly wet still on site with water levels that we normally only see in the depth of winter, all very good fun.
Second pic is our bird feeder just outside the front door being raided by the woodpeckers, they are great fun to watch but very shy. They peck so violently that bits of peanut fly all over the place and we now have a family of pheasants who have started picking up the scraps under the feeder.
For those of you who don't know we are the new landlords at The Gateside Inn, my son Ross is the manager and the food is fantastic. Even though I say it myself!!!