Saturday, December 31, 2011


Three new members this week, Bert,

Roy and Lewis, in the picture joined by Ryan. They picked a brilliant time to join the site is as wet and muddy as ever.

Lewis and his Disco survived this ducking with only a very wet interior.

Happy new year to all, Wattie.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Typical December day

Wow the site is fantastic at the moment, frost coming out of the ground with rain on top making it super slippery!! The ice is about 3 inches thick on the water splashes so we must have had a more serious frost than we realised.
Pic is of our club members in the east section today about to attempt the hill. It was very good to see the Jenkins boys back after a bit of a break, they picked a really good day.
Two new members joined today, Ryan from Freuchie and Abao from Glasgow with Disco and Jeep respectively.
Hopefully I will get the pressure hose sorted this week and I'm also needing a new battery for my white Land Rover which does a lot of recovery winching which seems to have worn it out. And me!!