Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Siberian weather!!

S..t is it cold!!! The site is still deep with snow which has frozen on top making any driving very difficult.
The only vehicle I have had up there is the Quad bike feeding pheasants again, all the wildlife certainly benefits from the feeders and they are being emptied every week.
With no sign of a thaw yet it looks as if we could be cancelling all bookings over the festive break but a the moment we are waiting to see.
Christmas voucher sales are well up on last year, what I don't understand is that we did no advertising this year and yet sales are up!!??
Pic shows the view south from the top of the hill over Loch Leven.......and Simba!
Merry Christmas to you all from Walter, Nina and Ross.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snow and frost, very difficult.

The SORC visit today had to be abandoned as the site was just about impassable. It took them over an hour to get up the access road to the car park on the hill.
Today is the first time I have made it to the top in a vehicle, Alan and I were in his Disco with new off road tyres and it was still quite a struggle.
The JCB is useless in the snow, it is too heavy and just slides about all over the place and I can't risk using it to clear the road as it wants to slide into the fence all the time.
The forecats is for no change this coming week!!!
All the best

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back from Jamaica to the snow.

If you are wondering why the blog has been quiet with all this exciting snow it was because I have been in Jamaica for the past ten days celebrating 25 years of marriage. Wonderful, I highly recommend it!
Lying on the beach all day in 28 degrees sunshine with a rum punch in my hand and Bob Marley jamming from the beach bar, fantastic!!!
Pic shows the beach and also the collapsed polley tunnel that we keep the Land Rovers in which I arrived home to.
The vehicles are ok but the tunnel is wrecked, my neighbour told me he had 3/4 of a ton of snow on his farm weighbridge so there must have been about four tons on the tunnel.
I'll keep you posted on the snow.