Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What I have to put up with!!

Someone last weekend had a dump in the laurel bushes by the car park over the road, I only just noticed it before the dogs rolled in it!! The culprit used a white Nike polo shirt to wipe themselves and left it behind as well! If you know who left without a white polo shirt let me know as it was pretty disgusting to remove. Generally the visiting club members had a great time and left very little rubbish, except for the dump! The Scottish Off Road Driving Centre is now on Facebook and also videos are on You Tube if you search under Glentarkie. Next event is our Club BBQ on Sunday 17th April at 1300 hours. All the best, Walter

Sunday, March 13, 2011

wintery scene

Scot West Club visited today. Some as seen in the first pic, we had six visitors and I think the site at the moment is a difficult as ever!!!!!
I had to watch the rugby (not too bad a result) so did not see how the day went but they all had fun.
Alan gave his Argo a last blast with the snow tracks on and we went for a float around the big pond, a bit dodgy with the weight of the tracks!!
The new gate at the roadside seems to be working well, please lock one paddlock into the other one so BOTH can open the gate, one has a key and one a combination lock. Is spring coming????