Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back in action!!!!

I has been a very busy September and October so far, our BORDA training is taking off. We are now able to deliver Quad and ATV courses as well as our normal 4x4 vehicle training, we will soon be doing skid steer ATV's as well.
We always pick up new Club members as the winter starts and this year is no exception, the next Club date is Sunday 19th December for our own Club Winch Challenge.
Looking forward how about Sun 17th april for a spring BBQ? Enduorland are now coming back with the bike day on Sun 1st May so the site will be closed 3 days prior to that.
Pic is of the RAF Regiment from Leuchars doing a simulated recovery pre deployment overseas.
So far they have not been stuck and have driven through everything!!! Walter