Monday, January 10, 2011

Thawing at last

Forecast to be +10c on Wednesday, fantastic!!
Pics show the two vehicles that have made life a bit easier over the past few weeks, feeding pheasants and exercising the dogs.
The Argocat is owned by Alan my neighbour who put snow tracks onto it this year. It goes anywhere even with 6 people on board.
We should be open for customers again this weekend, at last.
All the best, Walter

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slow thaw

The thaw that started last week has come to a sudden stop this week and we are still not able to take clients onto the 4x4 site. We have frozen snow and thick ice still which is very difficult ot drive anywhere in, 50 metres and your stuck. You get yourself out and after another 50 metres your are stuck again, not much fun!!
27th November was the last time a client was on site and it looks as though we will have to cancel everyone this weekend.
Five Mad on Mud Club members have been up over the festive break and I can see from the tracks it has not been easy!!??
Pic is of the big pond showing the Ochil Hills to the west, temp was -1c when i took the photo today. All the best Walter.